Concert / Live / Event
"Human power rather than machines"

With the development of technique, new fascinating machines and equipment are continuously being produced. Even though by just having, and knowing how to use a machine, you can offer a wide selection of services to your customers, we think that the most important part of it, is the person behind it, the human force. However much the development of machines advances, the ones using it are us. "Gain experience, develop technique, put it into use and provide that to our customers". With first having this as our goal, we can start putting the machines into its full use. To be able to understanding our client's wish, and then make it happen, that is what we think is what human power is about.

Audio / Video
"Support everything concerning sound and image"

We have our staff engage in all that there is, every kind of job there is to our company. We don't want to limit them to just one role. In this way we feel that we can support our employees in getting as full knowledge as possible in our field. What we strive to do with this is to help them become persons with deep knowledge in both planning and operating, and with that be able to answer fully to the needs of our customers.

Musical / Theater
"To be able to "convey" what one wants to convey"

In what way, and to what degree a message, i.e. in musicals and plays, is conveyed, is were Edith Grove comes into the picture. With actively keeping the communication with our clients, and working hard to understanding the intention and what the message in with the play is, we can use our equipment to its fullest and be a part in letting the theater play on smoothly without any disturbance. This is something we make an effort in on a daily basis.

"To stage open space"

・ In what way, do you attract the attention of the audience

・ In what way, do you make the audience not just hear, but listen to the song and the music

・ In what way, do you create open space with the use of sound

On stage, the sound has an extremely important part. To be able to make the music sound its best, the location of the speakers and the sound control is very important. On top of that, a well planned audio plan and the operation of it becomes necessary. This is altogether like creating a "virtual space" with sound. To this day, we have exerted this skill on a lot of stages, showed a lot of clients in what way we are able to stage open space.

Sales/Equipment work
"Because we have years of experience we know what to offer at what occasion"

"With experience comes knowledge"

We have experienced and learned a lot over the years since we started our business in the year 1992. Among others, we have worked in big and small halls as well as conference rooms.

How do we make it easy to use in practice?

What kind of features would be useful to have?

We've have had to figure out answers to these kinds of questions on many different occasions in a lot of different locations. Therefore we are more than confident that we know what to offer to each and everyone of our customer's individual needs.

"Respond to our customer's needs"

When you present an offer to your clients, one of the most important things to think about is what and how we should do to meet your clients wishes to its fullest. Because we want to be able to combine our equipment in the best possible way, we don't limit ourselves to buying equipment from only one maker. We are convinced that that we in this way can come up with the best offers, adjusted to just that specific order. This, we think, is our biggest advantage.


By joining our various strengths, we are creating a new value

"Audio & Visual in presentation"

With the development in visual technique and the low prices of machines and equipment, video equipment has become a close to necessary component when holding a presentation. We have a lot of experience in setting up seminars over the years, and with the continuously growing needs, the number increases by each year. Our employees have a deep knowledge in this field, and they know how to set up a seminar without trouble.

"A growing need for large-scale screens"

With the lowering prices of LCD televisions, and the growing popularity of Projection Mapping, the demand of equipment and projectors for large-scale screening has also grown. Therefore, we continuously purchase new products to be able to meet the growing needs of our customers. Along with that, we are purchasing new software for Projection Mapping, and with that also broadening our existing services to be able to adapt to the continuous changes in needs.

1. We were founded in 1992, with an aspiration for creating a sensibility-rich society through the support of culture and aesthetics.

2. We consistently strive to work as a bridge between the creators and the audience (that entwine people's hearts and lives).

3. As it is one of Edith Grove's main missions/objectives, starting with our employees, we would like to contribute to (pursue in) peoples dreams and happiness.

4. Last but not least, one thing we put our heart and soul into is to be of support to all kinds of cultural and aesthetic activities.

Chief Executive Officer Kobayashi Kei

Our Concept

1. To contribute to a society rich of sensibility through culture and aesthetics.

2. To provide support to our employees on both practical and emotional terms.

Employee Motto

1. Give a sense of security

2. Help people in need

3. Provide that little extra

4. Humbleness and Elegantly

5. Do a bit more than expected

6. Have a playful mind

7. Act professionally

8. Give it your all

9. Create our environment

10. Try to come up with your own unique idea

With number 10, something we wish for is for each and everyone to think and act after what they believe themselves. Why don't you come up with your own idea? An idea not yet presented by us. An idea that is important to you. Isn't there something you think would gain us and the future by having a bit more of it?

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